January 2011      "Getting Motivated for Our New Year’s Resolutions"
December 2010  "Depressing Songs, Joyful Message"
November 2010  "Oh When the Saints Go Marching In"
October 2010     "Dispensing with God?" 
Sept 2010           "The Trade"
August 2010       "Inception" and the Work of the Holy Spirit
July 2010            "Thursday’s Child"
June 2010           "A Music Meditation"
May 2010            "Earthquakes and the End of the World"
April 2010             An "Ask the Pastor" For Holy Week

March 2010          "The Vatican Top Ten"
February 2010     "Haiti and Anger with God"
January 2010      "More "Ask the Pastor"
December 2009  "A Mississippi Trip and a Christmas Thought"
November 2009   “Some Religions Are More Equal Than Others”
October 2009      "Beatle Thoughts
Sept 2009  "Fangs a Lot!"
August 2009        "More Ask the Pastor"
July 2009           "Theology of the Pig Roast"
June 2009          " Why We Go to Church"
May 2009          "Ask the Pastor and a Brief Communion Meditation"
April 2009         "Easter Makes Us Real: A Meditation on Pinocchio"
March 2009       "Dealing with the Economic Downturn"
February 2009     "Co-inky-dink?"
January 2009       "More Ask the Pastor"
December 2008   "Waiting"
November 2008   "Religulous"          
October 2008       "The Church and Politics"
Sept 2008        "Another Ask the Pastor Question–Animals in heaven?"
August 200  "Change"                      
July 2008             "The Main Reason I Love the USA"
June 2008
            "More “Ask the Pastor”
May 2008             "I’ve Got Rhythm, I’ve Got Music..."
April 2008            "Some Ask the Pastor Questions"
March 2008         "Responding to Suffering"
February 2008 
"A Valentine for Jesus"
January 2008       "Time"
December 2007   "The Christmas Song"
November 2007    "A Few More Thoughts on Faith and Doubt"

October 2007        "Prayer Works!"
Sept 2007  "The Bridge"
August 2007      "Please Won’t You Be My Neighbor?"
July 2007          "Heard It in a Love Song"
June 2007        "Hair"
May 2007         "Bees, Stinging and Disappearing"
April 2007
           "Heaven on earth
March 2007          "Nostalgia"
February 2007     "Atheism Attacks!"
January 2007       "A Better 2007"
December 2006    “For All People
November 2006 “Things That Change, and Things That Don’t ”
October 2006      “Censoring Religion?”
Sept  2006
  “September 11 Five Years Later”
August 2006      "Expedition of Discovery"
July 2006         "Loving America as a Christian"
June 2006         “All DaVinci, All the Time”
May 2006
April 2006
      “Report from New Orleans ”
March 2006      “Blasphemy!”
February 2006       “Today”
January 2006      “What I Learned from C.S. Lewis
December 2005    “The Shining Night”
November 2005  “Fighting For Each Other”
October 2005       “Halloween, Reformation, and the Devil’s Defeat”
Sept 2005    “Things that end, Things that don’t”
August 2005         
July 2005               
“The Summer Road”
June 2005
  “Investing Yourself
May 2005          “Here We Are Now, Entertain Us–Not!”
April 2005      Think Happy Thoughts
March 2005           “Proving The Faith”
February 2005      “Relationship Maintenance"

January 2005        "Foreseeing the Future"
December 2004   "Christmas Spirit"
November 2004    "Veterans Day Thoughts"
October 2004       
"Halloween, Reformation, and the Devil’s Defeat"
Sept 2004
"September Memories"
August 2004          
"Of Salamanders and Synods Amphibian Summer"
July 2004               "The Movies’ Greatest Songs"
June 2004       "Getting Rid of Religion?"
May 2004       "The DaVinci Code"
April 2004        "Thoughts for Maundy Thursday "
March 2004          "Wrestling with God"
February 2004     
"Ya Gotta Have Heart!"
January 2004       "Happiness in the New Year"
December 2003   "Christmas for the Birds"
November 2003   "We Mever Nake Misteaks"
October 2003
      "Dressing Up Like Jesus"